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Hi, all!

If it seems like the Precious Metal updates are few and far between that's because... well, they are. :iconotlplz:

BUT it is for a good reason! I am working on a top secret project behind the scenes right now! SO--

1) Be on the lookout for more news about [SECRET THINGIE]

2) The most I can promise on PM is one page every two weeks

Sorry! But also, hooray!
Wish me luck!
...I'm going to credit it (in part) to all your kind birthday wishes to me! Thanks everybody!
Hello to one and all! *wind whooshing sounds, cobwebs, etc.*

If you're not watching here I don't blame you, but here's the deal:

I currently am attending BYU-Idaho, where some parts of the internet, mainly including DeviantArt, are blocked. I am on a brief visit to a friend's house, but cannot guarantee my return here very soon. (maybe in August...)

SO, in the meantime, here's the deal:

  1. I have completed the script and some pre-planning for PM issue 5.
  2. I plan to try and have a new page by either this Wednesday or next Wed.
  3. You can now find my artwork at these places:

SO, I'll see you guys eventually!
Thank you to all the people who have given favorites, watches,etc.--I really appreciate it all. Catch up with you in August!

Hello, all!

First off, I'm really grateful to every person who made kind comments on Precious Metal's 4th issue. The story is starting to come together behind the scenes, and I'm really excited for the next issue! However, I have not written it yet, which will slow down production of new pages. :iconotlplz:

Second of all, I'm moving to Idaho for college which, while very exciting for me, will slow production of issue 5 even further. The end result of all this is that, despite my evil cliffhanger, I will not be able to update Precious Metal for a good while here.

HOWEVER, I have a plan.
Phase one of this plan involves filling in a few gaps--adding a PM cast page, etc. Phase TWO is to work on an entirely different comic.

If any of you were around a year and a half ago, you may remember that my brother and I collaborated to make a pretty cool (if I do say so myself) little comic. Well, now he has written a full-fledged first issue of what we have lovingly titled "Brainstorm." (The prologue-type issue is on sale at the kindle store currently and may show up on gumroad. *corny thumbs up*)
Since that script is done and has been sitting around for months and I already have a few pages finished, I can update that while I adjust. You will still get comics, and by the time Brainstorm issue 1 is finished, PM issue 5 should be rarin' to go. It's a win-win.

So to sum up:
College, Precious Metal=in progress, expect new pages of Brainstorm for now.

Wish me luck!
I've been thinking about putting together little comics how-to's for a while now, and finally today I made one. You can read it here. If you do, let me know what you thought!
I've been accepted as a pokenaut on the fabulous tumblr, PKMNathon! Check it out, y'all. (There are some amazing artists on there, too.)

3 down, 148 to go!
9 down, 142 to go!
Hi, guys. What with craziness and the beginning of school this past week, I didn't really get a chance to update Very Mint Comics, so as of now I'll be updating the same new page here and at Mint. Hope you're having a great week!
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Sorry, there's no page for you this week if you stay on dA. I'm actually on vacation, driving to AZ for a family reunion. However, in case you didn't already know, my primary site for updates is now here:

You can find PM specifically, updating each Wednesday, here:…

I will still be updating here, but the above links will get a new page a week ahead of here.

Good luck!
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This is a copy of the announcement I posted on Precious Metal's site (here) --

"Okay. I know it has been forever since I updated. I kind of hate when creators flake on me, and I didn't want to do that ever, but I'm inexperienced and underestimated what I was doing. Here's what's going on:

"I am working at a much bigger size, which has necessitated some adaptation on my part. I used to have two separate steps: 'ruffs' and 'pencils.' Now those two have combined together, making the pencils more difficult. That's why I underestimated the time it would take to actually make this sonofagun issue.

"Also, I'm helping out a lot at home. We've been doing an Eagle Scout project, graduating, teaching a class for our church, ETC. So it's been a little more hectic than I'd anticipated.

"HOWEVER, here is the good news:
1) I am now getting the hang of my new process.
2) The pages are looking better than ever.
3) I have penciled up through page 10 (out of approximately 40)
4) This issue is going to be AMAZING.

"So wish me luck! And if you have followed this comic this far, thank you for your patience. Thanks again!"

Please continue to be patient! Art hard, comic cool
Things come soon
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I now hold in my hand a 20-some-odd-page 1st draft of the script for Precious Metal Issue 4.
And now I have set it down. (Makes it kinda hard to type!) But the POINT is that yes, I have been working on it, and yes, new pages should be coming soon. I'm sorry to have made such a long break since Page one and the rest of them, but I think I'm really onto something here--this is going to be a GOOD episode. And I'm not saying that so you'll read it, I'm just letting you know that although I am sorry for the wait I'm only making you wait because so far it is REALLY looking worth it. I need to do some revisions and things, and I may also want to try and get hold of bigger paper, or something--but I essentially created a great work pipeline with Issue 3. Also, with what I've learned about lighting and painting lately, the color ruffs should get easier to do, too.

So, I guess that's my update. Lame, I know, but I am going to also put up some other stuff. Also, I'm thinking about putting up some non-spoiler behind-the-scenes stuff, so if you're interested in that kind of thing, keep an eye out. Hopefully it'll be enough to pique your interest.

ANYWAY! You guys are great, and I hope you are reading this.
See you in Issue Four!
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Hi, all!

For those of you who are looking forward (or maybe were looking forward, haha) to more Precious Metal, sorry! I haven't been working on it--YET. BUT I WILL BE, especially now that I have my very own desktop computer! Just got one and I'm kind of adjusting to the capabilities of it.

Also, my other lame excuse is this: I am enrolled in the Outcast Studios Character Battle Royale! In this contest, I will be pitting Cucumber, of Cucumber Quest, against Goku of Dragon Ball Z. Hopefully my guy will win because I have spent a LOT of time preparing to do/doing the art for my first round! The round ends on Feb. 11th, and I'm pretty much done with experimenting, so updates to PM should resume as soon as I stop being lazy.

But I am not dead, and yes I intend on updating.

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Steps I need to take to complete PM 4:
1) Go to sleep right now instead of writing this
1) buy some inking pens (my old ones have been legally declared "dead")
2) get some cool tape
3) sharpen a pencil--oh, wait, it's already sharpened!
3.5) pencil pages 1-12
4) ink pages 1-12
5) figure out what the heck I'm doing with the rest of the comic--I MEAN, "WRITE MY SCRIPT" (yeah that's what I meant)
8) etc.
93) print out the ruffs, pencil and ink those on a clean sheet
94) scan them in
95) proceed to waffle about coloring them... (I will probably not color them.)
96) MAX AND RELAX WITH A MILLION DOLLARS (may or may not include a million dollars)
100!) I just skipped here because I wanted to end on a round number.


Also, I may not do these all in the exact order mentioned above.
Hi, all! I have been plugging away at stupidly late hours (no, seriously, it's STUPID) and have finished about 11 pages worth of ruffs on issue 4 of Precious Metal. I want to start making for real pages soon. Unofficial survey: Which do you think is better? Making and posting pages as they come? Or doing it stage-by-stage in case I need to make adjustments (all ruffs then all finished)? Maybe I'll just do a mix of both and come atcha scene by scene. Kinda.

Anyway, in either case we're coming up on some actual updates here soon! You may reserve the edge of your seats for the next episode/issue/whatever of Precious Metal!

EDIT: Judging from response, I will probably just get to work on providing as many updates as possible as SOON as possible! Wish me luck!
Hi again, everybody!

I know this return is a little (okay, a lot) ahead of schedule, but here I am! Who's ready for updates!!!?!??

...Not me.

BUT--Fortunately for me I left myself a little minicomic. Plus, on "preparation days," (our one non-work-type day per week on an LDS mission) I got free time to just draw whatever I wanted and not worry--not to mention experiment with and think about Precious Metal. I plan to continue that and start posting some of my mission work. I hope you like it. I got to experiment a lot with just what I could do on my own--no computer. Colored pencils, markers, pens AHOY! (Now I just need to find a decent scanner.)

Okay, cool. Any questions? Comments? Concerns?
You know where to find me!
Well, guys, it's time. I will be able to respond to comments for the rest of today (June 4th) and maybe tomorrow morning, but after that I will be officially gone. I just wanted to let you all know exactly where I am.

Leaving is sad, but it's going to be much easier now that I have finished up issue three. I didn't want to leave you guys hanging, and it's been a goal of mine for a long time to finish before I had to leave, and it feels great having that accomplished. Also, I do have plans for further issues of this when I return home.

For now, I wanted to let you know how much you all mean to me. Thank you so much for all your support! Being able to know that at least a few of you are reading my comic like it's a regular thing has really given my warm fuzzies for the past few months. Anybody and everybody who reads this comic? Y'all are my dogs. Love you.

Also, in my previous journal, I mentioned a surprise. I was planning out a little bonus comic, but with everything that's been happening and how late it is right now, I really just needed to put all my spare time towards the full comic. However, look for that to be pretty much the first thing from me when I get back--it'll be a great way for me to get back into comic-making gear.

I don't know exactly what I'm doing with my life after this year and a half in the Lord's service, but I want comics to be a major part of it, and you guys, too. So... thank you! And if I don't get to comment-chat with you before I leave, well...

Here's lookin' at you, kids.
Hi, guys. I have an announcement to make.

On June 6th, I start the first step of a long journey. If all goes well, I will be serving an LDS mission for eighteen months!

I'm really, really excited to get this chance to serve people and work with them. However, I am not without a pang of sadness. I will miss you guys! And I feel really bad that I won't be able to update while I'm gone. Rest assured, my plans are that I will finish my comic before I leave. I only have eighteen pages left (one of those is in progress, so more like 17 and a half), and the story we're on will get completely finished. I have a lot more planned, too. I just have to take an eighteen month hiatus. I know it's kind of annoying when artists do this, but I think it would be worse if I just stopped cold turkey without telling you.

On that note, I want to wish you all the best and tell you that I really appreciate all the kind comments and the views I've gotten on Precious Metal. You guys are really sweet and have helped me out when I was struggling to motivate myself to finish. A couple of special thanks to :icondocallan: and :iconkintupsi: for their support--you guys are great.

However, it's not all bad-for-you-guys news. For anybody who likes this comic, I may have a special surprise for you soon, but until I'm sure I can work out all the timing and everything, I'll keep the particulars to myself.

So... Stay tuned, I guess! Less than a month left!

If any of you are wondering why my account is like a 24-hour comic shop...and almost nothing's because I've found a better place to put my drawings from work. Since I was picking one every day, the obvious answer seemed to be blogging it. Thus was my old art-blog renewed and revitalized, and now it stands to hold up all my selected work-art. You can visit it here if you'd like to see a little of what I do every day.

(Also, I post whenever I have an update of my comic, but the link I put down is to my smackjeeves site. On it, the hosting is free, so the quality is less than here on dA. [In case you were wondering.])

For any of you who might be anxious, rest assured, I won't be leaving dA anytime soon, but if you want a little variety, then go ahead and visit the blog.
Okay, for any of you who have read Precious Metal (one or two or, though I hardly dare hope, both), I just wanted to let you know:
Issue 3 is in in progress as we speak. It's much bigger and more ambitious than either of the other two, so wish me luck with it. I haven't set a deadline for the final product yet because I'd like to use this as a little bit of an experiment. I want to try some new things and see how long each page takes me, then set a goal based on that. So please, continue to bear with me and be patient as I work out the next installment.

If any of you missed issue one or issue two, they're here(1) and here(2) on dA. They're also here, which I find much easier to navigate. However, there are some skanky ads there, so watch your step. I don't really have control over them, sorry--the hosting's free, so I take what I can get.

Okay, thanks again, guys.

Can't wait to see you in issue 3!…

I'm kind of embarrassed by this...but... I can't keep it a secret any longer! Just so you know, this is one of my favorite webcomics. Give some love!

I know I really don't have enough pages to justify it, but it was mostly an experiment. It's so weird! But fun! And...kinda amazing. That I could just make a website.

So, it's live, and the goal is two pages a day until I finish this issue (which will be twenty-five pages).
The goal is to be all finished with issue 2 by January 15th!